Jstonek9 Dog Training

Julie grew up surrounded by animals; her parents allowed her to have anywhere from ten to 30 pets if she took on the responsibility to care for all of them. This started Julie’s passion for learning how to communicate with animals of all species.

In her late teens, Julie moved to Philadelphia and got her first dog, a Siberian Husky, from Canada. She read as many dog books as possible and began her education on individual breeds and their traits. While continuing her work with dogs, Julie also became more involved with wild animal rescue and rehabilitation. In addition to volunteering at local schools with her current Siberian Husky, Gretl, teaching “proper pet care”, she has also been invited to talk at summer camps about respecting our urban wildlife. With this, Julie started the “Philly Wildlife Connection” FB group in hopes to educate and connect others with a love for urban wildlife.

Outside of working with animals, Julie is a fantastic artist with work published in multiple Children’s books! Wether she is training a dog, lecturing about urban birds, or illustrating a children’s book, animals have always been her passion- which you can easily see with her training results.

Julie’s training tip is: “Patience is the key to dog training. If you elevate your emotion, then the dog gets excited… and we all know where it goes from there. Being calm and patient during training will get you results and keep training enjoyable.”